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Letter From Home: December '22

Tutorial: Hazards of Love 1

Merry Merry Mixtape

The Reading Room: December '22

Houseguest Ep 2: Kate Beaton

Lost Songs: To The Lighthouse

New York, New York

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Other Peoples' Songs: Over and Over

Annotated Songs: Grace Cathedral Hill

Demonstration Tapes: All Arise!

Letter From Home: November

Ask me! Ask me! Ask me!

Tutorial: Won't Want For Love

Reading Room: November '22

Other Peoples' Songs: Will The Night

Demonstration Tapes: Won't Want For Love

On Quitting Twitter

Demonstration Tapes: At The Bus Mall

Annotated Songs: June Hymn

Other Peoples' Songs: Glamorous Glue by Morrissey

Decemberists throw in with Kotek and Warren!

The Record Room: October '22

Demonstration Tapes: Foregone

In the rain-wet woods

Live Songs: Grace Cathedral Hill>Grace Cathedral Park

Song Tutorial: California 1/Youth and Beauty Brigade

The Reading Room: September '22

Book Tour Diary Part 3

Book Tour Diary Part 2

Book Tour Diary Part 1

Limited MUSIC FOR READING LPs available now

Book Release Day!

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Lost Songs: Comes A Rider

Book Tour!

Tour Diary Part 8

Tour Diary Part 7

Tour Diary Part 6

Tour Diary Part 5

Tour Diary Part 4

STARS DID WANDER DARKLING Indie Bookstore exclusives

Tour Diary Part 3

Tour Diary Part 2

Tour Diary Part 1

Rig tour!


The Reading Room: July '22

Lost & Live Songs: Dead In My Tracks

Ideals For Living (As A Musician)

All The Things

Lost Songs: Only Holding On

Wildwood + Laika

Annotated Songs: Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Demonstration Tapes: All Arise!

Lost Songs: Cynthia, No

The Reading Room: June '22

Dark Days

Announcing: Colin Meloy Sings Together


Demonstration Tapes: Anti-Summersong

Live Songs: Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right


Tutorial: June Hymn

Other Peoples' Songs: Pipeline

Annotated Songs: The Engine Driver

Demonstration Tapes: The Engine Driver

The Reading Room: May '22

Lost Songs: Anne Marie

Intentional Listening: This Magnificent Bird Will Rise by Deerhoof

Tutorial: Make You Better

A Tour of the Machine Shop

Other Peoples' Songs: Messages of Dark


Demonstration Tapes: Repaid

The Paywall Hammer is Nigh!

Show Day Shout Out! Bluebird Festival, Boulder, CO, April 23, 2022

Introducing: Houseguest Episode 1

Annotated Songs: Oceanside

Show Day Thread: Reser Center, Beaverton, OR, April 16, 2022

The Reading Room: April '22

The Common Room: Checking In.

Lost Songs: Greetings From Anonymity

Annotated Songs: Leslie Anne Levine

Other Peoples' Songs: Bring On The Dancing Horses > The Crane Wife 3

Tutorial: Lake Song

Intentional Listening: Kanga Roo by Big Star

The Common Room: Introductions

Demonstration Tapes: Don't Carry It All

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