Apr 5, 2022

Other Peoples' Songs: Bring On The Dancing Horses > The Crane Wife 3

Ah, the zooming days

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Colin Meloy
A sporadic journal about song-making and story-writing
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I was digging through some old audio files and I found this recording from a zoom show I did in spring 2020 — remember those? At the time it felt novel; little did I know that I would go on to give virtual performances many, many times in the following months. I feel like I finally dialed in my rig for zoom shows about midway through the pandemic, just when everybody, including myself, was a getting a little burnt out on performing in front of a mosaic of video feeds. You had to really lean in to get that audience interaction. And singalongs were right out. But it was fun — I had fun. And it was so nice to see peoples’ faces, all folded together on their couches and beds, back when there was so much distance between us all.

Anyway, this is an interesting find from that era, a bouzouki rendition of Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses” segueing into “The Crane Wife 3.” There are a few chord flubs, but that’s what makes it rock ‘n’ roll.

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