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Other Peoples' Songs: Will The Night

Mimi Parker, RIP

A couple days ago, I heard the news that Mimi Parker had died. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Mimi was the crucial other half of the band Low. She was the drummer and shared singing duties with her husband, Alan Sparhawk. It’s a real loss. My thoughts go out to her family, to Alan and their kids. My introduction to the band was their 1996 LP, The Curtain Hits The Cast; I was immediately smitten. I feel like there was so much attention paid to their particular style, what I guess was called slow-core, and that was certainly part of their appeal. What I loved, though, was their incredible sense for melody and song. There were hooks to die for, hidden inside this inscrutable, glacially-slow songs. Sometimes those songs were gleefully fucked-with, as is the case with this song, “Will The Night.” I first half-heard it as the opening song to the Songs For A Dead Pilot EP, a song that sounded like it was broken, cranked entirely into the reverb chamber. It wasn’t until it showed up in a more audible form on their LP Secret Name that we were all like, “oh that song!” Anyway, I’ve always had a thing for this one, it’s so short and sweet and perfect. So in memory of Mimi Parker, here’s my version of Low’s “Will The Night.”

Also: VOTE. Thanks.

Other Peoples' Songs
Songs that other people wrote, played by me! Otherwise known as covers.
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