Apr 9, 2022 • 3M

Lost Songs: Greetings From Anonymity

Another singalong suicide song...

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Colin Meloy
A sporadic journal about song-making and story-writing
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Never was there a more on-the-nose assessment of my personal situation than this song, written in 1999 in a duplex in NE Portland. I had moved from Missoula, MT only months prior and was a little alarmed to find myself playing open mics and pleading for opening slots from the city’s local musicians. Tarkio, the band I’d played in in college, had toured the Pacific Northwest a few times and I thought I’d connected with enough local notables and fans during that time that my re-entry into the Portland music scene would be somewhat…I don’t know…buffered. Alas, no. It was back to square one for this timid bear.

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So here’s this song, always a bit too maudlin and on-the-nose for general release, but decent enough to share with you, O Machine Shoppers (Machinists?). It was recorded about ten years ago (during a spate of home recordings of still unused songs) and mixed for your keen ears in 2022. I expect more of those recordings will, over time, see the light of day here. Stay tuned!