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I have no words, Colin - thank you!*

*I'm a liar, here are more words:

You've prompted me to check which ones I haven't done: Martin Chuzzlewitt, Old Curiosity Shop, Dombey and Son and, interestingly, Hard Times (as far as I can find) - maybe Hard Times is so low on your list because... (no, I can't malign my fellow narrators) ;)

Anyway, I shall be contacting any publishers interested in hiring me for these if I have the time.

I do love Dickens so much: One Christmas I spent 4 hours or so sitting at the table in my Mother-in-Law's kitchen reading the whole of A Christmas Carol. If you ever fancy a Christmas visitor...

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You crack me up. Is picaresquities really a word or did you make that up?

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Just read hard times!! I didnt LOVE IT. But liked it for a sort of social commentary/satire. Simon Vance is amazing, he took on the herculean task of readin Alan Moore’s indispensable epic novel (and imo one of the best and most important books that captures all of life and “after”) Jerusalem on audiobook, which gas such a wild cast of characters, time periods, complex experimental plats on language and dialogue etc that even thinking about the 60 hour undertaking makes me dizzy, and he reads it SO BEAUTIFULLY. He has such a warmth and joy and a very calm, pensive, dry british humor in his voice.

I have a beautiful hardbound illustrated edition if Pickwick Papers i inherited from my grandfather, i’ve been meaning to get around to reading it. Happy reading!

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Thank you for the book recs! I never got around to Nicholas Nickleby, but those side eyeing millennials have me sold. Leggooo (as the kids say).

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Thank you, Colin. Still working my way through GE, but man he’s such a good writer. Hope to get to Less in the next few weeks. If someone wanted to send you a book, what would be the best way?

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Oh I ADORE Less; the ending always makes me cry, and the sequel that just came out this year, Less Is Lost, is just as delightful! I went to one of Greer’s author events and it was so cool to learn how much of Arthur’s travels are sourced directly from his own experiences.

Also, I’ve always considered “Midlist Author” to basically be Arthur’s theme song :) It makes me so happy knowing you enjoyed the book!

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Dec 21, 2022·edited Dec 21, 2022

I’ve started Bleak House this week, per your recommendation.

I finished Nicholas Nickleby as well, and felt the ending to be just a bit too Disney-esque. I also felt that entire sections on the acting company could have been omitted with no effect on the plot, as well as the Kenwigs’ relationship woes with Lillyvick.

There was one surprise for me, though, which is that this book managed to make me cry with this line from Smike: “You have so often told me that we shall meet again - so very often lately, and now I feel the truth of that, so strongly - that I can even bear to part from you.” 😭

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Thanks, Colin! New books for the reading list! (And A Tale of Two Cities has always been a favorite!)

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