Reading the line, "...make sure the relative volumes of the instruments played nicely with each other..." immediately made me think:

And Then Came Raw Power.

Anyway, glad to hear the album is coming along. I vote against the double LP because of Tyler Mahan Coe's argument, plus I really like the EP's you've produced through the years. As if my "vote" means sweet fuckall.

I'm hoping to pick up some prints from Alicia J. Rose's sale next month, she's so great, and so hopefully there will be a chance for the band to do a signing in the nearish future. Say this summer? :)

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Corsage... really a great movie. It reminded me a lot of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Unfortunately, the movie lost a lot of its buzz due to an ugly sex crime accusation of one of the main actors and, among other things, lost an otherwise very likely Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film because of it. But if you are able to ignore these circumstances, then the movie is quite a fabulous experience with beautiful images, some shot in original locations, and truly mesmerizing music (Soap&Skin!!! Another Austrian artist, alongside the director Marie Kreutzer).

Corsage actually belongs on the big screen, but I'm extremely pleased to see that it has made its way across the pond and even onto the streaming service of the lead singer of my favorite band. Wow!

Somehow I have the feeling that the chances of the band touring Europe and my home country Austria in particular have just been leveled to a new high :)

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Even I might don a mustache . Oh to live in those palaces in Hapsburg and attend the beautiful parties! And dance .

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Thanks for the movie recommendation and the attached songs: simple, sparse, stunning

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I love a good soundtrack as it can bring a brighter shade of creative context to the songs in parts and as a whole. I am reminded of the soundtrack to Wim Wender’s film Until the End of the World (something I listen to often) or the soundtrack to Alan Parker’s film, Birdy, with all Peter Gabriel tracks.

Or, specific songs like the Edge and Sinead O’Connor collaboration, Heroine on the Captive soundtrack. Italy is right up there..... hauntingly beautiful.

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