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Houseguest Episode 3: Simon Vance

Houseguest Episode 3: Simon Vance

On audiobooks, AI, inspiration, and art.

Another episode of Houseguest has arrived, in which we continue to eschew the original concept of the podcast, that we interview people that are staying at our house, and instead just interview people. This was a lovely conversation with one of my favorite audiobook narrators: Simon Vance. Vance is the reader of over 1,000 audiobooks and is a 17-time Audie winner (making him the Meryl Streep of the audiobook world). He is currently engaged in reading all of Charles Dickens to me.

This also happens to be the longest Houseguest episode to date, clocking in at just over an hour, but it was such a treat to be able to hang with Vance and ask all those questions I’d had about what it is to be an audiobook narrator, that we kinda lost track of time. Enjoy!

As promised, here are the links to the books Simon recommended:
Guy Gavriel Kay
Brent Weeks

Also mentioned:
Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens
Nicholas Nickleby, by Charles Dickens
Bring Up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel
The Unconsoled, by Kazuo Ishiguro
The Dune Books, by Frank Herbert

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