Beauty out of dissonance
Tutorial: Make You BetterWatch now (4 min) | Weird, sussy chord time!
A Tour of the Machine ShopWatch now (8 min) | Come along, why don't you
Other Peoples' Songs: Messages of DarkListen now | Live at the Rabbit Hole, Portland, OR, September 2000
Q&A+You&MeCurious Machinists! I’m here, settled into a cozy chaise, ready to answer all the questions you might have. Hit me up!
Demonstration Tapes: RepaidListen now (3 min) | Doing my best Shara Nova impersonation
A never-released Hazards of Love demo arriving tomorrow -- for paid subscribers
Show Day Shout Out! Bluebird Festival, Boulder, CO, April 23, 2022Trying out a new, more alliterative title for this section. Hi there festival goers — are you coming to one or both of the shows today? What do …
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